How I Learned to Love Cybersecurity: Efe’s Story – Optometrist to Cybersecurity Specialist

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  • 09 Feb, 2024
  • 2 Mins Read

How I Learned to Love Cybersecurity: Efe’s Story – Optometrist to Cybersecurity Specialist

My name is Efe, an Optometrist turned Cybersecurity Expert. I’ll be sharing my personal experience transitioning into Cybersecurity with no prior tech background with you all today.

Right off the bat, the amount of time this career line demands is no joke and could sometimes require you to make sacrifices you might not like.

But is it worth it?

Looking back, I never imagined I’d walk down the path of cybersecurity myself. I didn’t have much of a tech background, and given my initial line of work, I didn’t attain a degree relating to tech.
This might make you wonder: How then did I end up a Cybersecurity Expert?

I used to think that a career-in-tech would be too competitive, and too exclusive. I felt like I wasn’t smart enough, not skilled enough, or not qualified enough to make it in the tech world.
Does this sound familiar to you?

Regardless of how I felt, I gave in to the encouragement from a good friend of mine and the biting curiosity that overcame me and took a chance on an aspect of tech I had set my eye on, Cybersecurity.
I came across Winfinite Consulting’s Cybersecurity Program by Coach Fola and took a chance on the program. I still had to contend with the feelings of doubt. I mean, a lot of people running courses like this are oftentimes scams and don’t really make an impact on their students.

So I had only my faith to go on.

Fortunately for me, it paid off. The course was not only informative but also engaging and interactive. We had to do hands-on exercises, simulations, and projects that tested our skills and knowledge.
We learned to think creatively and critically and apply what we learned to real-world scenarios. We had to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and learn from our mistakes. We worked hard, but we also had fun.

And every step of the way, Coach Fola has been very encouraging and supportive in our progress –mine personally.
I got my first job as a Cybersecurity Compliance Specialist less than 1 month after completing the program in April 2023. I am in my second role and recently passed my CISSP exam thanks to the CISSP study group managed by Coach Fola’s team.

Full Disclosure, Cybersecurity isn’t all smiles and roses.

You will have days where you deal with impostor syndrome and would want to quit given how high stakes the career line is.
One thing to remember is that if this job was easy, everyone would do it. You’ve already taken the bold first step to start, it requires courage to finish.

And if you have the mindset to win, you’ll have no problem finishing.
You too can make it big in this industry and there’s a whole community of like-minded people studying hard and helping out each other to make their dreams come true under the tutelage of Coach Fola.
Click to Watch Efe’s Testimonial
Click here to learn more about Winfinite Consulting’s Cybersecurity GRC Program.

However, I’d like to hear your own story too, if you have any. And if you have any questions that you might like answered regarding cybersecurity, I’m more than happy to respond. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you.
Until next time, stay safe and stay curious.

CGIP Alumnus

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